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Counselling Services


From June 2024 Anne will provide a range of counselling services including couples counselling, parenting counselling, workplace issues, general relationship counselling and counselling for children

Conflict Resolution

Property Disputes

Anne has 13 years legal experience in property law. She has acted for clients in residential and commercial sales and purchases, commercial leases, design and build contracts, building contracts, financing, subdivisions, resource   consents, retirement villages (financing) and matrimonial (relationships) property.

Conflict Resolution

Other Disputes

Anne can support you with other disputes also, using the same principles and approach she has applied to family disputes. Her other speciality areas are sports law, health and wellbeing and wills.


Mediation is a largely voluntary, flexible and confidential process to assist people to resolve disputes/conflict between them.  The parties to mediation are supported by a third person -the mediator - to come to their own agreement on the matters in dispute. The mediator is an impartial person, who is not on the side of either party, and who supports the parties to reach an agreement, based on the principles of fairness and equity.


Depending on the type of dispute, the mediator usually meets the parties both separately and together, and assists them to identify the issues in dispute and then explore options to resolve the issues. The mediator then assists in the drafting of a mediated agreement, assuming agreement is reached.


The mediator manages the process but does not impose his/her own decision on the parties. In this way mediation very much differs from the court process, where the Judge makes a decision for the parties, based on evidence received at the court hearing. Mediation therefore can be said to be very much an empowering process.

What is conflict resolution?

Conflict resolution need not be such a formal process as mediation. It includes mediation, but it could also include, for example, facilitation (whereby a facilitator –again, an impartial third party –facilitates parties to resolve a conflict between them).


Telephone Anne for more information on any aspect of her mediation services: 022 1399 810

Alternatively message her via the contact form.

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