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My Approach

What is Harmony?

Why 'Mediation for Harmony'? Because mediation is not simply about reaching a solution to a dispute.


Yes, it is always great to reach an agreement that everyone is OK with. However, mediation is more than this. It is about re-establishing relationships, so that all involved can put the past behind them and look to the future, which supports the wellbeing of parents and children.


This is particularly important in family disputes where children are involved, because disharmony can be felt by every child and can impact them badly.


However, it is just as important in disputes between business colleagues, businesses,family members...all disputes really.


To re-establish relationships we need decency and respect - that is our basic foundation. We also need trust, supportive communication and expression, and love – not in a romantic, passionate or emotional sense; rather in the true meaning of love, which is the holding of another in equalness, a stillness we live and express, a way of being that recognises our essential equality.

"Anne is a gentle, values driven person who is caring and professional in everything that she does.  Anne is easy to speak with and is always clear and rational in all that she says.  Anne is empathetic and realistic and often goes above and beyond for her clients."

Rosemarie Brown, mediator and lawyer

My approach is not simply to support people to reach an agreement, but to support them to bring back trust, decency, respect and love – in other words, to support them to bring harmony back into their relationships. I do this by walking alongside people to support them to find their own answers to their conflict/disputes. I feel this is much more empowering for my clients than simply being  empathetic.


The following quote on the true meaning of harmony sums this up beautifully:

"Harmony isn’t necessarily something that we get to feel a lot of in this world, yet each of us knows it intimately and instantly. When we say aloud the word harmony, a vibration is felt that holds its true essence. We know harmony; we know it inside out, even if we don’t feel harmonious within ourselves or observe it in everyday life very much at all.

Many people have given up on harmony, settling for poor substitutes instead…keeping the peace...

Peacekeeping actually allows and supports disharmony, because the matter is only suppressed, not truly resolved. It happens in war but it plays out in our relationships as well; a tension, unrest, anger, frustration, rage and even violence and then… the moment when it is squashed, postponed to be dealt with again for another day. This is not harmony.

Harmony is a stillness within the body that allows you to express yourself in your fullness, without any compromise or fear of reprisal or judgement.  Harmony is never without absolute responsibility and understanding."


Maree Savins, Australia

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